Irma Yuliana Barbosa

B. 12/22/1993
Based in Los Angeles, CA



My practice is an uncontrolled yearning to make something that didn’t exist before—a form of escapism. My mother immigrated from Mexico at the delicate age of sixteen when she was pregnant, so I guess I did too. I was born in Los Angeles a couple months later, and ever since I can remember, I have felt a sense of displacement triggering me to make. The tugging of culture and gender norms put me in a place of grayness in which I feel unsafe and fascinated. From this illuminating presence of absence, I work. Like rust. By using my body as the medium I am able to escape the weight of my own self as well as the self others have formed—I become an object prodding contemplation. Calling to question themes of identity, reverie, immobility, sexuality and invisibility. By embodying narratives of tension and endurance- my work allows me to test my own boundaries and vulnerability.



University of California: Santa Cruz (2018)


Individual Exhibition

“Rust”, Pink Flamingo Gallery, Moorpark. (April 2015)

Selected Group Exhibitions

"Docent Show", I-5 Gallery, The Brewery. Los Angeles (June 2016) , CA

"A Feminist Perspective", Muzeumm Gallery, Los Angeles. CA (May 2016) 

“Smaller Pieces Installation”, Ventura County. (August 2015)

“Multicultural Day”, Moorpark College. (May 2015 )

“Super Rad Art Show”, The View Gallery. Moorpark College. (May 2015)

"Docent Show", I-5 Gallery, The Brewery. Los Angeles (January 2015) , CA

“Docent Show”, I 5 Gallery, The Brewery. Los Angeles  (June 2015)